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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Team Profiles - Ontario

Before the Scotties began, I emailed teams who I could get contact info for and asked them some questions.  Thanks to Lisa Weagle (Ontario), Sarah Wazney (BC), and Stacie Devereaux (Newfoundland & Labrador) for responding all my questions.  Thanks also to Mary-Anne Arsenault (NS) for taking the time to answer a couple of questions!

This is what Lisa Weagle of Ontario had to say.

They are thrilled to be representing Ontario! Their first Scotties experience in 2011 was incredible, and they worked very hard to get back to the nationals. Ontario is a tough province with a lot of experienced and talented women's teams, so winning the provincial championship feels like a big accomplishment for them. 

They're very excited! They couldn't wait to get on the ice in Kingston wearing their Ontario jackets! They knew that Kingston would be a great host for the Scotties. It's especially exciting for them as the home team, and they knew that lots of their friends and family would be in Kingston to cheer them on.

They would like to do better than their previous performance in 2011, where they lost in the semi-final. 
"It's an amazing feeling to curl in an arena with a big crowd watching." says Weagle after I asked her how they like curling on a big stage.  It is one of their goals to represent Canada at the World Championships. 

This is what Lisa said when I asked, What is your most favourite thing about curling?

"For me, it's hard to pick! There are so many things I love about curling. I love the strategy of curling. I love being a member of a great team and working towards a goal together. I love travelling and competing against the top teams in the world. I love making new friends and the great sportsmanship of our sport."

They are happy to see such a great field of teams coming to Kingston! She also said that every team at the Scotties has earned the right to be there and they are expecting great games and tough competition. 

They don't have a lot of time for hobbies outside of curling! They curl every day in the winter, and in the summers, they spend a lot of time at the gym training for curling. Rachel likes to play soccer. Emma is into arts and crafts and she is very creative! Alison loves to travel. Lisa likes to run and also enjoys reading.

They have visited my blog and they think it is great!  

Rachel, Emma and Alison all joined together when they were 11 years old, and have been playing together ever since! That is pretty incredible. Lisa joined the team three years ago when they were finished in juniors and needed a lead.

The team looked up to many curlers, but one in particular was Sandra Schmirler. She was an amazing curler and team player, and they were very inspired when she won an Olympic gold medal.

They worked hard all season to prepare for the Scotties. They practiced every day and they also spent a lot of time at the gym. They work with their coach Earle, as well as a consultant who helps them with the mental side of their game, Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush.  Leading up to the Scotties they make sure to eat well and get lots of sleep so they are ready for the long week!

She thinks it's normal to be a little nervous before big games.  That means the game matters to them! They use some techniques to calm themselves and try to remember that no matter what the game situation is, they still have to execute the same skills as they do in practice.

They love keeping their fans updated and sharing photos through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
They love being able to interact with fans. Having family and friends cheering for them in Kingston is something they're really excited about.

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