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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Scotties Day 8 Review - Playoffs

Day 8 at the Scotties – Saturday, February 23

The final standings after the Round Robin were this.

The teams making it to the playoffs are:  Jennifer Jones (MB), Rachel Homan (ON), Kelly Scott (BC) and Heather Nedohin (CAN).

Page Playoffs - 3 vs 4 game 

2 pm was the 3 vs 4 game with Canada facing off against BC.

Nedohin (Canada) 8
Scott (BC) 4

Heather Nedohin will move on to the semi-finals with an 8-4 win over Kelly Scott in 9 ends.  Nedohin started the game off strong with 3 steals of 1 within the 1st 4 ends.  Heather Nedohin curled 82% compared to Kelly Scott who curled 71%.  Kelly Scott will now play in the bronze medal game which is scheduled for 2 pm Sunday.  Nedohin will play Jones/Homan in the semi's Sunday at 9 am.

Page Playoffs - 1 vs 2 game 

7 pm was the 1 vs 2 game with Manitoba facing off against Ontario.

Jones (Manitoba) 5
Homan (Ontario) 8

Rachel Homan defeated Jennifer Jones 8-5 in 9 ends.  She started off the game with a steal of 2 in the 1st end.  She stole 1 twice consecutively in ends 6 and 7 to win.  Rachel Homan curled 89% while her counterpart Jennifer Jones curled 79%.  Their were also some unusual mistakes from Jennifer Jones in this game.  With the win, Rachel Homan will go directly to the final at 7 pm Sunday and Jennifer will have a second chance against Heather Nedohin.

Final Day at the Scotties Preview

The semi-final game with Jones vs Nedohin will be played at 9 am.
The bronze medal game with Scott facing the loser of the semi-final game will be played at 2 pm.
The gold medal game with Homan vs the winner of the semi-final game will be played at 7 pm.

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