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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saskatchewan Scotties Update

After the round robin in Pool A, Stefanie Lawton at 5-0 will be qualifying in 1st place followed by Chantelle Eberle at 4-1.  In Pool B, Jill Shumay is through with a 5-0 record.  Amber Holland, Michelle Englot and Trish Paulson are tied at 3-2.  In the first tiebreaker, Holland beat Paulson 5-2.  In the 2nd tiebreaker, Holland beat Englot for the 4th and final playoff spot.

In Saskatchewan, they are also doing the page playoff format.   At 8 pm on Saturday, Lawton plays Shumay and Eberle plays Holland.  The semis are Sunday at 1 pm and the finals are Sunday at 5 pm.  

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