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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Manitoba Scotties Update

After the robin robin, the Asham group had Jennifer Jones and Barb Spencer tied at 6-1.  Jones earned first place because of her win over Spencer.  The Red Brick group had Colleen Kilgallen at 6-1 and Chelsea Carey at 5-2.  Overton-Clapham finished 3rd in the Red Brick group. 

Manitoba also follows a page playoff system.  In the 1-2 page playoff game (the top finisher in each group), Colleen Kilgallen will play Jennifer Jones.  This game will be televised on Sportsnet at 8:30 pm local time Saturday.  In the 3-4 page playoff game (the 2nd place finisher from each group), Chelsea Carey plays Barb Spencer also at 8:30 pm on Saturday.  The semi final will be Sunday at noon and finals are Sunday at 5 pm.

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