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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jones repeats and is going back to the Scotties!

Jennifer Jones has defeated Barb Spencer 9-3 in 9 ends.  The difference in this game was that Spencer made a bad call on her final rock of the eighth end and missed everything on the attempted freeze.  I think she should’ve have called the soft back line weight hit and roll.  Jones ended up drawing and getting 3.  Another turning point of the game was the Jennifer Jones triple takeout in the 5th.

On a side note, what's with the Hurry Hog logo on the ice?  Nobody wants to see a pig's butt all through the game.  What do you think?  Post a comment.


  1. I agree - the pig's rear end on the ice was weird!

  2. the pig thing was gross.
    I wanted to switch the channel!
    Someone spray paint that pig's bottom off the ice, please!!!
    absolutely disgusting.
    and the pig had a Canada maple leaf tattoo on his butt. What a disgrace!!!!

  3. They have weird tastes in Manitoba