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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Team Profiles - British Columbia

As promised, even though the Scotties are over, I'm updating the blog with some extra information I gathered during the week but didn't have time to post.

Before the Scotties began, I emailed teams who I could get contact info for and asked them some questions.  Thanks to Lisa Weagle (Ontario), Sarah Wazney (BC), and Stacie Devereaux (Newfoundland & Labrador) for responding to all my questions.  Thanks also to Mary-Anne Arsenault (NS) for taking the time to answer a couple of questions.

This is what Sarah Wazney of British Columbia had to say.

Sarah said it feels pretty sweet representing BC at the Scotties.  This was here first appearance at the Scotties and she couldn't be more proud to represent BC.  She was very excited about going to Kingston.  "It's a dream come true!" she added.

She said her expectations this year were looking for a playoff spot and then see what happened after that.  I asked how the team manages being elite athletes with their careers and families.  Sarah's response was, "Having support from family and friends is so important."

She thinks everyone that went to the Scotties had the World Championships on their mind. They knew that it was still a long way away. "It's key to dial into each game and see where you are at the end of the round robin." she added.

She said that her favourite thing about curling was that it is a team sport and she loves spending time with the ladies on her team.  She likes practicing, travelling and competing with them.

Sarah said that her favourite hobbies outside of curling are cooking, baking and gardening.  She also likes playing golf in the summer.

They don't have a team that they don't like playing the most.  She thought that there would be a lot of tough games and possibly a few extra ends.

Sarah played a lot of different sports during Junior High but curling was her favourite and she started putting more time into it.  It then became her priority!

She joined the team because Kelly Scott, Jeanna Schraeder and Sasha Carter were looking for a lead and they put on a Nation-wide search.  She sent them an email saying that she was interested.

She grew up watching the Sandra Schmirler rink,  Jennifer Jones, Stephanie Lawton and of course, Kelly Scott's rink!

They prepared for the Scotties with a lot of practice.  "Practice, practice, practice!" Sarah said.   She said that she gets nervous before big competitions and big games.  She has learned to breath and zone in.

I asked Sarah how the team felt about sharing personal information with the fans and she responded, "Depends on what is being asked!"   She also likes the fact that curling is a very fan accessible sport.

I appreciate Sarah taking the time before such an important competition to answer my questions. I had the opportunity to spend sometime with BC during the week because I was their junior star.  They were all so nice! 

Team BC performed quite well in Kingston ending up with a Bronze medal.  Congratulations to Kelly, Jeanna, Sasha, Sarah, Diane and Coach Brent! 

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