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Monday, 25 February 2013

Scotties - The Final Day Review

Day 9 at the Scotties – Sunday, February 24

Semi-final Game

9 am was the Semi-final with Jennifer Jones facing off against Heather Nedohin.

Jones (Manitoba) 6
Nedohin (Canada) 5

It was a close game between Jennifer Jones and the defending champion Heather Nedohin.  It was Jones who came out with the 6-5 victory.  The difference in this game was in the 8th end.  Heather Nedohin was in control of the game up till then.  Nedohin tried to tap Jennifer Jones's rock back to score 1.  She ended up tapping Jones's rock at the top of the 4 foot in to give up 2.  It was 6-4 Manitoba at that point.  Beth Iskiw curled 90% and Kaitlyn Lawes curled 75%.  The team percentages were 89% for team Canada and 82% for team Manitoba.  This shows that team Canada really controlled the game.

Bronze Medal Game

2 pm was the Bronze Medal Game with Kelly Scott facing off against Heather Nedohin.

 Scott (BC) 10
Nedohin (Canada) 8

Kelly Scott rebounded after yesterday afternoon's loss to Team Canada to beat Team Canada 10-8.  Kelly stole 1 in the 10th after Heather Nedohin failed to make a double to win.  Jeanna Schraeder curled 89% compared to Beth Iskiw, who curled 71%.

Final Game

7 pm was the Final Game with Rachel Homan facing off against Jennifer Jones.

Homan (Ontario) 9
Jones (Manitoba) 6

Rachel Homan won the Scotties Tournament of Hearts over Jennifer Jones by a final score of 9-6.  Homan ran Jones out of rocks in the 10th to claim the championship!  Homan started the game off with a 3 in the first but by the 5th end it was tied at 4. It looked like momentum was going Manitoba's way until Ontario got 3 in the 7th and got a steal of 2 in the 8th.  Alison Kreviazuk curled 96% while her counterpart,  Jill Officer, curled 80%.   Overall, both teams curled 89% but it was big shots or misses at important points in the game that was the difference.

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