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Friday, 15 February 2013

Hot Shots Competition Begins

I went to the Hot Shots competition for a little while Friday afternoon.  There were 6 teams at the competition when I was there.  The teams were Team Rachel Homan (ON) and Team Kerry Galusha (NWT/YT) on Sheet A, Team Kelly Scott (BC) and Team Stacie Devereaux (NL) on Sheet B, Team Kristie Moore (AB) and Team Arsenault (NS) were on Sheet C.  Nice to see Colleen Jones back on the ice!

The 8 Curlers that made it to the playoffs are Heather Nedohin (CAN), Sharon Cormier (NWT/YT), Emma Miskew (ON), Rachel Homan (ON), Kaitlyn Lawes (MAN), Allison Ross (QB), Jill Officer (MAN) AND Sarah Wazney (BC).  Come check out the playoffs Saturday at noon, just after the opening ceremonies which start at 10:30 am.

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